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What To Think About - Office Environment

Did you know that lighting, temperature, moisture, and noise are very important factors silently affecting your productivity? Some spaces are too hot or cold for comfortable work, other ones feature excessive chatter from community members.  When deciding on a co-working space, visit the location.     Ask questions like: Is the community pet-friendly, does the community encourage a sustainable and ecological environment.
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What To Think About - Flexibility

According to a survey, 80 % of employees say they are more productive when they change locations while working. Flexible work in terms of location and working hours has become a priority for professionals across most industries.     If you feel that a change of scenery boosts your productivity, then see if your co-working membership plan comprises one dedicated desk or the ability to move around. Or if your routine consists of meetings, commuting, and working on the go, then consider a space you can drop in for productive work and great coffee anytime.        

High Speed Internet

Home is where good Wi-Fi is!! No matter if you’re using the internet only for emails and Facebook or you’re uploading heavy files to the cloud, you’ll certainly do yourself a big favor if you move your work to somewhere with a strong and reliable internet connection.   The good thing is that most co-working spaces ensure the wifi is up to speed, but it’s a good foresight to enquire about it and test it yourself.  

What To Think About - Extra Costs

Many co-working spaces offer a surplus of benefits, but be sure to check which ones are included in the price fit for your budget. Don’t be shy to ask up front if there are any extra costs for meeting rooms, printing, renting a locker and more. Does your space of choice offer a trial period? If so, test it out to see if the monthly membership is really value for money. To round this up, money for value evaluation is fundamental in choosing a place to work remotely. You have to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay each month, and what kind of perks and amenities you actually need to get the best return on your investment. Certainly, you want to pick the right coworking spot near you that benefits your productivity and inspires you to get the most out of your working hours. But the final choice pretty much depends on prioritizing your needs and your wants so that your money is well spent.

Benefits of Co-working Space - Make your business a reality!

  A co-working space gives you the power to move out of your living room or local coffee shop and into a more professional environment. It provides dedicated office space for you to go to while you ready your company for launch and beyond. Having a space to see clients, confer with staff, and make use of office facilities can be the professional push your business needs to get up off the ground and grow. 

Benefits of Co-working Space - Freedom for freelancers

Working alone at home can be isolating and, let’s face it, plain boring. Co-working spaces give freelancers flexible access to a more professional working environment, where and when they want it. It’s a way to get away from the distractions of home, create a valuable separation between your workspace and your living space, improve your productivity, and meet like-minded people too. 

Benefits of Co-working Space - Access to great amenities

  Co-working spaces offer up much more than just desk space.  Your daily/weekly/monthly rent includes access to a kitchen, WiFi, and furniture. It also includes access to meeting and conference rooms, event spaces, classroom and workshop space, outdoor terraces, bike storage, and in some space 24-hour access.